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At our AutoInc Racing pro shop, we source only the best products from around the world to drive your karting experience.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, some principles never change – safety, comfort, and value should always be at the top of your list.

For experienced racers, the world-renowned brands we represent will leave you wanting for nothing. The team’s experience in analysing your requirements will give you the extra boost to the top of the podium.

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The Winning formula
Kart Republic

Introducing the Kart Republic, the official chassis for AutoInc Racing.

The Kart Republic is the latest creation from Dino Chiesa – globally recognized as one of the greatest kart engineers of all time, and famous as the man who brought Hamilton and Rosberg to success during their days with the Mercedes Benz Mclaren karting program.

In a single year after its 2017 launch, the Kart Republic chassis has proven itself on numerous international podiums – clinching Champion titles in the IAME International Final, SKUSA, CIK European Championship, and the CIK World Championship.

Discover the winning formula with the Kart Republic.

The Winning formula
Arai Helmets

More than half of all Formula 1 drivers choose to drive with an Arai helmet.

Arai is the world’s leading brand for safety and durability, and make no mistake – your helmet is one of the most important parts of your kit.

Arai helmets come in a wide range of catering for amateurs to professionals.

A spark of passion

Like many great products, BireIART’s long and rich heritage begins with a spark of passion.

The year is (circa) 1960; the stage is the small Italian town of Lissone. Umberto Sala, a race driver for motorcycles and cars, opens a light workshop and starts building his first ever karts for fun. Sala’s chassis are quickly called “Birel”, named after his family’s nickname in the small community.

Over the next few decades, Birel gains massive recognition as an overwhelmingly competent chassis. Driven to victory by future Formula 1 star Riccardo Patrese and Mika Hakkinen, the Birels prove themselves on circuits all around the world. They cement their position in karting history.

In 2014, Birel decides to join forces with ART Grand Prix to become BirelART. ART Grand Prix is the only racing team present at all tiers of motorsports, bringing an illustrious track record of having worked with talents like Vettel, Rosberg, Hamilton, and more.

The new venture mergers Birel’s great tradition with the tried-and-tested racing DNA of ART Grand Prix, and assures continued credibility for all drivers racing in a BirelART.

world class collaboration
Ricciardo Kart

Ricciardo Kart is the latest kart to hit the market in 2015. Although fairly new to the scene, the chassis is already a winner at races.

The new chassis is a collaboration between BirelART and Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, who has added a professional touch in the design and production of the Ricciardo Kart.

Daniel Ricciardo: “I grew up racing karts, and even when I moved up to single-seaters I never stopped supporting this sport, always enjoying some kart racing in my spare time. Being able to follow the design and construction of a kart from a blank sheet to debut is an adventure that’s very fascinating and I am glad to do this with Partner like Birel ART. I hope that many girls and boys can learn this discipline, have fun and win with Ricciardo Kart.”

the heart of kart

AutoInc Racing is proud to be a distributor for IAME, the world’s leading manufacturer of karting engines.

A great man’s dream, to allow any enthusiast to compete in motorsports, became a reality with the birth of IAME in 1968.

Since then, IAME has paved the way for modern karting and claimed 49 World Titles along the way. Today, the Italian company manufactures more than six thousand engines a year and is one of the most renowned and trusted brands in its field. Drivers that have driven an IAME engine to karting victory include Alonso, Raikkonen, and Hamilton.

Other than performance and quality, what also sets IAME apart is a promise to the driver – that the engine you purchase today will be relevant next year, the year after, and even longer. Unlike manufacturers that produce a new engine every year to pad their bottom line, IAME is dedicated to engineering longevity for each of its engines. The cost of maintaining an IAME engine and purchasing replacement parts is notoriously affordable. 

The end product is an engine that is superb to drive, easy to use, and long-lasting. Experience real karting!

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